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Украсить сад
Over-sized Buddha Face figure for the gardener with a sense of humor! Not currently available for sale, no shipping available.:
ко Дню смеха разными веселыми, а иногда страшноватыми изделиями. И само собой --прикольными. Повеселиться и посмотреть, как работает творческая мысль у различных профессиолнальных и самодеятельных дизайнеров.
Beton ude:


I would kill to find this guy at an affordable price:

an element of surprise in the garden.......:

Grots are night creatures that live in the dark corners of your garden and are rarely seen or heard. this is a large, solid hypertufa garden grot (10" across, 6" high).:

A working mans boot serves as a safe home .. Now to find a safe working man!:

Bicycle gate:

repurposed items ideas - Google Search:

Heads Up:

For small statues, hypertufa can be hand shaped, poured into a form or spread over burlap cloth fashioned on wire sculpture. Halloween mask...:

Subterranean Garden Giant, surfacing for a looksee - this could be a fun hypertufa project.  -  via 7dach: - Darjit Fountains:

Fist Bump (noun): a gesture similar in meaning to a handshake or high five. A fist bump can also be a symbol of giving respect. This quirky listing:

JEAN PLANTERS ~ Creative  Place a kitchen size garbage bag inside each leg and then fill each with something that could follow the line of the jeans, but also be heavy enough to hold the planters in place. Use another kitchen garbage bag for the seat of the jeans, filled with a quality garden soil. Thread some rope through the belt loops of the jeans and then attach them to something sturdy, such as a fence.  Bubble wrap or crumpled plastic grocery bags could then be used to shape the legs.:

25 Absurd Ways To Put Old Stuff To Creative Use As New Treasures | The Organizing Lady:

Jeans planter-not my style, but it made me smile:

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Больше всего понравились торчащие из земли ноги! И грибы!

Да, ноги--это сильное украшение!

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